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Welcome to www.vanandboat.com.  Thinking of building a motorhome or maintaining a boat? Well you have come to the right place!

I created this website as I am a keen traveller, photographer and DIY enthusiast. I have combined these interests by refurbishing a sailing boat and building a motorhome to enable me to explore and photograph this magnificent planet on both land and water!

By careful planning I have managed to keep my costs to a minimum by continuously researching the most appropriate and efficient components required.  To further reduce costs, I have purchased many of these components second hand.  I have included links to appropriate products that I have used, however for the sake of the environment, please consider purchasing secondhand!   I continue to fabricate any unavailable components or those that are simply too expensive.

Thank you

Credit must be given to my father Paul as well as my school D&T teacher Nick for sparking my enthusiasm in DIY at a young age.  My love of learning has never faded and I continue to thoroughly research each aspect of a project before I begin designing and making.  My interest in sustainability has prompted me to reuse and up-cycle wherever possible as well as finding alternative ways of solving a problem.  This attitude has enabled me to complete all aspects of the boat’s refurbishment myself along with the complete motorhome build.  This has included the design, plumbing, electrical system including solar power generation, heating and computer system.  Of course, my father has been a regular source of advice when things haven’t gone quite to plan!

The Site

I have taken photographs at each stage of the build knowing that I would eventually create Van and Boat to share my experiences.   More recently, I have taught myself web design and have completed all aspects of this site myself.  I designed the V/B shield logo to include a van’s outline and boats hull combined.   All work has been completed on my 12 year old laptop running Linux.

The information published is completely free of charge as I hope it may be of benefit others undertaking similar projects. 

In order to cover the site’s running costs,  I earn a commission on some links that you make click on… so please click away!

I hope that this website will support others who are undertaking boat renovation or building a motorhome. It can be hard work, however it is worth it in the end. My motto is: ‘If you really want something, work harder than you have ever done before…. and go get it!’

Travel Blog

As I keen traveller, I am always visiting somewhere new!  Whether it  be by van, boat or of course by plane,  I will continue to update my ‘destinations’ page to feedback upon my experiences.  Remember to check in regularly!

And Finally

If you would like me to work with you on your project, then give me a shout or take a look at my hire-me page!

Please take time to learn about my motorhome and my boat!


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