EPEver Tracer MPPT Solar Charge Controller

EPEver Tracer MPPT Solar Charge Controller: Key information

Product: EPEver Tracer MPPT 3210A including MT-50 remote display

Price: Around £90

Time installed: Around 3 years

Where installed: Boat

Epever Tracer MPPT: Product Description:

The EPEver Tracer 3210A MPPT solar charge controller is a compact yet sophisticated device for charging lead acid batteries.  The unit includes an LCD display which gives basic information such as charge current and voltage.  However the optional MT-50 is well worth the money as it enables many more adjustments to be made.  

There are four versions to choose from depending on the size of solar array to be used.  These are:

10Amp – 1210A
20Amp – 2210A
30Amp – 3210A
40Amp – 4210A

The 3210A model that I have installed in my boat is shown below along with the MT50 remote display.

EPEver Tracer series MPPT solar charge controller for lead acid batteries. Model 1210A 2210A 3210A 4210A
EPEver Tracer MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Epever MT50 LCD controller for a EPever Tracer MPPT Solar Charge controller for lead acid batteries.
EPEver MPPT Solar Charge Controller – MT-50 Remote Display

Epever Tracer MPPT: Why did I choose this model?

My boat has two leisure batteries installed giving a total of 200Ah capacity.  Under motor, a split charge relay ensures that the leisure batteries are charged by the alternator. Luckily, it is an old diesel engine without a modern smart alternator which would require a DC-DC Charger.  Read my article about DC-DC chargers and smart alternators for more information.

I wanted to install some solar panels onto the deck to keep the batteries topped up when the engine is not running.  After some research, I purchased two small panels giving a combined output of around 75 watts.  Consequently, I needed a quality charge controller to enable me to connect them to the leisure batteries. 

When funds allow, I would like to upgrade the panels to give a much higher output.  As a result, I decided to purchase a controller capable of supporting around 350 watts of solar. 

System efficiency is very important, I had determined through my prior research that I would need an MPPT chargers to ensure greatest efficiency. For more information, please read my article on MPPT chargers!

I chose the EPEver Tracer 3210A due to its compact size, MPPT technology and the fact that it had an LCD screen to monitor solar panel performance.  Furthermore, the EPEver tracers are considerably less expensive than its rivals.  Importantly, it also supported up to 30 amps of solar input.

Epever Tracer MPPT: Review

I installed the EPEver Tracer 3210A around two years ago and am very happy with its performance.  The build quality is excellent, incorporating a large aluminium heat sink at the rear and clear LCD display on the front.

Installation is simple, the unit has 3 sets of screw terminals which are pretty self explanatory.

  • Solar PV input Positive and Negative
  • Battery connection Positive and Negative
  • Load Positive and negative.

I purchased the MT-50 remote display as it gives much more information and access to various settings and this simply plugs into the RJ-45 plug on the bottom of the unit.

As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words and so I decided to create a video review!  

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