Off Grid Solar Lighting Kit

Complete Off Grid Solar Lighting Kit – Free, Renewable Energy.

solar panel with lights and controller
Off Grid Solar Lighting Kit for generating free electricity

The Off Grid Solar Lighting Kit

This kit VB180-20 comprises everything needed to power a small off grid shelter. Furthermore, it is completely silent! Intended to offer an alternative to running noisy petrol generators, the off grid solar lighting kit incorporates a 50Ah 12v Lead acid battery and integral charge controller.  Consequently, power is available when you need it most – at night.   Charging occurs during the day thanks to a refurbished 180 watt monocrystalline solar panel.

Potential uses for the kit include allotments, glamping sites, off-grid accommodation, campsite toilets and showers, tents, caravans, etc.

The control unit

At the heart of the kit is the control unit.  Of course, it features internal fuse protection of all circuits with a PWM solar charge controller regulating the battery charging. Furthermore, an LCD readout gives clear indication of charge status. Three sockets provide outputs for lights. In addition, a fourth socket provides an output for small 12v appliances up to 160 Watts.

Using readily available 12v ‘cigarette lighter’ plugs and sockets, the system can be upgraded without considerable electrical knowledge. Adding to its flexibility, the unit also incorporates two spare internal fuses to allow further distribution boxes to be added.


The kit includes a cool white LED floodlight controlled via a PIR. Perfect as a security light or automatic light in areas such as toilets and showers!

Two bright, warm white floodlights provide ample illumination for living spaces and are approximately equivalent to a 150w conventional light bulb.

Two cool white outdoor spotlights are connected via a photocell to provide bright overnight illumination of paths, or as decorative lighting.

Each lamp has a long power cable allowing placement away from the control box. 

Off grid solar lighting kit. Solar panel, lights, battery storage
Off Grid Solar Lighting Kit VB180-20 Night


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