Wallas diesel oven and hob

Wallas 88D Diesel Hob and Wallas 86D Diesel Oven


At the beginning of 2018 I got to the point in my build where I needed to install an oven and hob into my motorhome. I already owned a gas oven and hob that I had removed from the donor caravan.  However, I had recently been introduced to the Wallas 88D hob and Wallas 86D oven by a friend.

Diesel vs Gas – Which is best?

I was aware that the Wallas 88D and Wallas 86D diesel appliances were extremely costly and that purchasing new would be out of my price range.  With my experience of researching second hand suppliers, I was confident that I would be able to source them at a more realistic price.

I began researching the advantages and disadvantages of both types.  I concluded that gas had three clear advantages over diesel:

  • Instant heat with no warm up time
  • No electrical supply required
  • Cheaper appliances (in my case free as I already owned both!)

I concluded that the Wallas 88D and Wallas 86D had a number of clear advantages over gas

  • Explosion risk reduced – I was always uneasy about having a gas cylinder on board.
  • Reduced risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as the diesel versions exhaust outside of the vehicle.
  • Only requiring one fuel source on board – It is a diesel van and so I will always have fuel available in the main tank.
  • No need to store the gas cylinder!
  • No need for an insurance gas certificate.
  • Reduced water vapour and condensation inside the vehicle.

I discounted the negativity of the the Wallas 88D and Wallas 86D appliances requiring an electrical supply as my van had 360 watts of solar power installed.  Both appliances are rated at around 10 watts each when running and so my electrical system would easily be able to cope.

The main benefit of the Wallas 88D and Wallas 86D appliances to me was the increase in safety inside the van.  I am always nervous of gas appliances in a vehicle and as such the option to eliminate them completely appealed to me.

Installation of Wallas 88D Diesel Hob and 86D Diesel Oven

I began looking for the appliances on Gumtree, eBay, etc and managed to pick both up for a good price.

I had to make some significant modifications to my kitchen unit as the new oven and hob were wider than my gas appliances! However once I got them to fit, installation was quite straight forward.

I simply added a T connector to the fuel supply from the Eberspacher and ran a 4mm cables from the distribution board.

Fitting the exhausts was a simple, but time consuming job.  I drilled a hole through following my method for installing the Eberspacher.  I then wrapped both exhausts in around 30m (a lot!) of exhaust lagging.  This was primarily to keep the hot exhaust away from the ply lining, but also to keep the temperature in the food cupboards low.

Wallas 88 Diesel Hob review after 6 months:

Wallas 86 Diesel Oven review after 2 years:

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